Complete plants

Since 1946 Malagoli has been working in the design, construction and turnkey delivery of plants and equipment for the ferrous metallurgy industry. Today we are able to provide technologically advanced solutions for the production of all aluminum alloys.
In these 70 years of work, we have selected the most reliable suppliers of products that have proven their durability and ease of use to guarantee their customers the finest standards of production.

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Crucible furnaces

We have the most perfect furnace for all your needs.
We’re able to provide standard furnaces, as well as customized products for the most particular and unique needs.
Depending on the capacity of aluminium weight or the production, we will be able to recommend the best size of the furnace and other related options to get the best possible result.

Crucibles and supporters

We’re able to provide crucibles and supporters to meet any need. All products are perfect in terms of thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength and are indicated for the use in high temperatures.
Malagoli is able to provide any type and form of supporters

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Our biggest passion and 70 years of experience have allowed us to offer today a wide range of accessories for the metallurgical industry to satisfy any foundry’s need.
For years Malagoli has been selecting partners in order to guarantee the highest quality of its products, as well as their maximum durability and efficiency.

Chemical products for foundries

Malagoli is a leader in sales of chemical products for the metal treatment in foundries. We’re constantly working on improving our services to satisfy any client’s need.
We have selected the most essential products to smooth the process of fusion, thus guaranteeing you better processes that will increase the quality of your production.
Innovation, research, experience – these are our key principles.
We can provide you with grain refining and alloy modification chemicals that prevent hot breakages and resistance increases, without gas resorption.


Malagoli has selected different types of machinery for degassing treatment that will allow you to get better results in your metallic works.
We can provide you with machines to reduce hydrogen and oxides in liquid aluminum alloys by bringing the alloy to the most suitable density for you.


We are able to provide you with a thermocouple for any type of application, from simple cases of temperature detection to the ones that seem almost impossible.
Thanks to our expertise, we can guarantee an efficient and precise support that will allow you to better manage your production.

Forming materials

We’re able to provide you with forming materials, quickly and of the highest quality.
Thanks to our technical expertise, we can offer the best product for the solution of your problems.